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Famous Photographers

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For many years after its invention photography struggled for recognition as an art form in its own right. Perhaps this is because rather than creating something that didn't previously exist the photgrapher simply records that which is before his lens. However, the art in photography is selecting what minute detail is selected from the myriad of visual noise that is the world.

Famous Photographers is a guide to some of the greatest photographers in the history of the craft, featuring biographies, Web links, and books. A brief perusal of the images produced by these masters will reveal the quality, depth and perception that separates their work from the snapshots of the crowd.

The Photographers
Ansel Adams
Diane Arbus
Eugène Atget
Bill Brandt
Julia Margaret Cameron
Robert Capa
Henri Cartier-Bresson
Walker Evans
Francis Frith
Yousuf Karsh
André Kertész
Sally Mann
Mary Ellen Mark
Irving Penn
Man Ray
Edward Steichen
Alfred Stieglitz
Paul Strand
Edward Weston
fotodeco art photographs by famous photographers